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Tonight on Ar Eileamh you came up with some “Nua-Seanfhocail” ,new sayings, that if we carry on using them, someday might become old sayings. Generations to come will try squeeze them into Irish Essays in exams for extra marks! (Here’s hoping 🙂 )

Some of your texts:

  • Is fearr an tainte na an tslainte… Mix it up a bit…
  • Get in get out get home and get washed!
  • Mar ni maith leat Ar Eileamh, Ni maith leat Eireann!. haha!. -ashling in mayo! 🙂
  • Earth is full Go Home…………….. Tá an domhan lán. Téigh i bhaile. – Frank
  • Your soooo sound
  • If ya can’t convince them confuse them
  • Well this day was a total waste of make-up…….. smidiú curadh amú a bhí san lá seo. – Laoise
  • Sos maith leat na hoibre! (“,)
  • I’ve found Jesus. He was behind the TV the whole time!……. Tá Íosa Chríost fríthigh agam… bhí sé taobh thiar don teilifís an t-am go léir
  • Is feidir linn… Oh yes we can. i know very original.
  • I work 40hours a week to be this poor…….. Bionn me ag obair 40 uair sa tseachtain le bheith chomh bocht seo!!! – annonymous
  • Nil s’agam sean fhocail nua ach a cionn is fearr a thaitin liom no.. “Is minic bhi fear mhaith i seanbhriste.” Silim go bhfuil go h-alainn!

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