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I gave a girl my number and i dont remenber her name! were texting! Now we are going to me for the frist time since! what can i do?

Well its a bit late now. But what e should’ve done at the start was say i’m really sorry but i cant remember that night i was loaded.

Tell her tell her da truth, dat he sorry 4 bein rude, but he really likes her, an it was a brilliant night, he hasnt stopped thinkin bout her, but wats her name. if she has an sense of humour, she will laugh it off. great story 2 tell people how dey met. jo, ballina.

B honest and say, hey babe, not gona lie 2 ya, havnt a bogs notion what ur name is!

Do not tell her the truth! Wen yer out say oh whats your name by the way, she’l say her name then you say of course i knew that i ment your surname;-) whitney x

Ask her 2 spell it becutse he dosnt no how 2 spell it and she wil have 2 tel him lol
Maybe ask her what is the correct way to spell her name,it could work!from chelsey.

re: the guy who forgot the girls name. he should txt her going “oh btw how do u spell ur name cause ive seen it spelt in 3 different ways” daniel galway.

Jst cal her huni or darlin until u hear 1 of her frendz cal her nam its workd 4 me
4 d guy meetn d girl dat he doesnt lnow her name.he shuld cal her babe r hun til he can get a luk at her bank card .frm sean in headford

2 dat lad hu cant remember d girls name just say just as a matter of intrest wat ur full name…and if she asks y u cud say u av a habbit of askn ppl..maybe…

Tel yer man ta ax d gurl ta add em on bebo…r face book r somting

Easy, get her to add him on facebook…

Hi barbara tell that guy to pretend e lost all his numbers when e meets her and to put her number into his phone for him!

Walk up 2 her jokingly and say ‘hi my names whatever, wats yours?’ and she might play along and say her name!

Same thing happened with me i asked did he drive and got his name off his licence as we compared crap pictures!! Works everytime

Just ask the person how their name came about and they wil say their name,simple
D fela cud prank her nd ask her 4 her name durn it!

Keep Sending her txts and sign your name at the end and she might start to do the same!

Txt er a chain mesage that asked her name

I have a bit of advice, he shud go on her bebo page.:-

Do wat my dad sed 2 my mum ask er wat do ppl cal u 4 shrt..?

Tell him 2ask her 2 spell her name in irish.

Tl ur man ta brng ta brng a frnd nd hs frnd shld intr dus hm slf frst nd ask hr name j n sligo

Ring her voice mail. She might say her name on that! Caelinn

Ask her wats her ful name talk about yer conformation. Kaytee

What does he have her down as in his phone?

He shud ask 4 her full name..Frm jill.In cavan

Buy her flowers and ask how to spell her name wen she see’s the flowers she’ll think thats the reason

Say wen you got her num you jst wrote nytin down not her name and ask for it!x

Tel her 2 turn on d radio an listen 2 d show..she shud cop on! An she see al d effort u went 2 an b impresd..
Just borrow a friends phone and txt her asking is dis ann and when she replies no ask politley who ur txting


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