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When school holidays are over, ever find anything in your school bag you’d forgotten about? Or found anything strange in your locker?

Some of your texts into Ar Eileamh anocht:

  • I found floswers i’d gotten off a boy in my locker… after holidays turned to compost!!
  • Oh god in 1st year my friend left an orange in her locker over x-mas… her locker was above mine + a load of green stuff dripped into my locker! both our lockers + books stank for the rest of the year! -sarah
  • I left an apple in my locker and left the school after a month the school phone my mum and said that i left an apple behind and had to fetch the rotten thing
  • My locker Is A Mess!I Opened It & LOADS Of Crap Came Out & I Found My R.E Buk that I Lost B4 Christmas! – Catherine!Oxo
  • I found a picture of a old man and a baby in my school bag one day. – Karen sligo
  • I had a mid term break from school and when I went back I found a dead mouse in my locker !! – Richie!!
  • I found well i mean my teacher found fanny pad in my school bag and th bad thing is I’m not a girl my m8’s had sum laugh’s no1 has owned up 2 it…its been 4years – Rory galway
  • My friend had bananas in her bag for so long that she had to put the bag 2 metres away from her in the classroom! And she was afraid to clean the bag as she didn’t want to know what she’d find! – Natalie
  • Last year the fella wit de locker beside me cleaned out his locker and pulled out 8 mouldy sandwiches!
  • We once left a cartoon of milk in a locker over the 3 months summer break.
  • I found a orange in my locker that was put in on my birthday which was put in 2 months ago..i didn’t know what it was 4 a good was all green and when i threw it on the ground all dust came out off was all over my locker still stinks.. – Kellie mayo

Sound familiar at all?


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