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If you give your partner a watch as a gift, what is the symbolic meaning of such a gesture?

You tell us your stories on Ar Eileamh…

Hi I got my girlfriend a watch for her birthday and she for got one for my birthday help help!
Got a gorgeous watch for valentines day and we finished two weeks later… Guilt present

Got a watch last xmas from the fella and we broke up soon after, really think they put time limits on relationship’s
Its bad luck to give ur boyf/girlf a watch it shows that time is runnin out 4 ye! Thats what i heard! – Stacey

I bought my boyfriend a watch for christmas and we broke up two days later….!! Its cursed..! – Lisa.
I got my x a watch before we broke up. And had one bought for another but never got the chance to give it reckon they not a good sign – Tom
I bought a watch for my boyfriend and a week later we were finished..but it worked out 4the best as i got wit his brother and are now wit each other 4&half years.:)
We both bought each other watches at christmas last year by valentine’s it was over after a 2 yr relationship. – Jackie.

Both relationships i was in both ended after they both bought me a watch its so true bout what they say.- Jes
Got 2 watches at different times both relationships broke up
Heya am i got a watch of my boy friend and we always faugh…!now we have split up like ages ago but sure ya have i love Herbie frm ya babe.;-)x
You shouldn’t buy your boyfriend a watch because it puts time on your relationship
Watches are widely renound as “parting gifts”. Wel they are in donegal anyway. Never give a watch 2a boyfriend or girlfriend! Would u take the risk? – Rory.

I got my boyfriend a watch 4 his birthday a year ago we’re closer than ever, moving in together in a few weeks!So stop sayin we’re goin to break up your scaring me

Got watch over a year ago still madly in love he is my whole world he is sweet sexy clever funny everything a girl could ever want . Thèrèsè
I bought my b friend a watch and he has bought me one.were still together 10 years later and have 6 month old baby and happy.shelly
My boyfriend bought me a watch last year….we r goin out a year nd ten months nd stil goin…. Nd he is the most amazing boyfriend ever…. Niamh loven daniel!
In the eight years i have been with my man he has bought me three watches. We are married since last august and couldn’t be happier. P.s he has also bought me many a pair of shoes :-).
Going out wit my boyfriend for almost 8yrs got him a watch when we wergoing out 2yrs i hav heard a watch means time is comin 2 an end but hey different strokes for different folks from – Claire
Got watch off my boyfriend for our 1st christmas together-5 years ago, now We’ve a house, beautiful son and getting married in august!
Ta sé a secret sign 2 marry me. Girl friend gave me not 1 but 2 den i got d hint n asked her 2 marry me on d portlaoise road. – Ian

I reckon it doesn really matter what present you get some one if it wasn ment too be in first place.. He should get her somethin small that show’s he listen’s too her.. – J galway.
I thought buying your boyfriend or girlfriend a watch means you’re puttin time on your relationship?makes more sense!


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  1. My sister got a watch from her boyfriend, but she hated it and gave it to me!
    They ended up breaking up soon afterwards.

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