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“im confused what to get my girlfriend for her birthday……we have only been going out for 3 weeks nd i have €220 to spend on her…..what shud i get her…..”

Your Advice:

  • Buy her an oxegen ticket!!
  • 220 euro is way 2 much anyway to spend on a girl after 3 week’s:-o
  • Dont spend that much.its too much to spend when your only goin out3 you not think?john in westport.
  • A nice BIG stero so she can listen 2 i102-104 in superb quality!!! Brian in mayo
  • Real uggs, spa voucher, designer watch, guess handbag
  • Go buy yourself a brain, ?220 and your only wit her 3 weeks! How much will you have to spend after 3 years?? Trust me start off small.
  • parachuting!! 4m charlene
  • Im a girl and hes mad-flowers and chocs mayb but no way shud he spnd tat
  • If i was going out with a guy for 3 weeks i would definetly would not expect him to spend that much . . .and after him spending so much money she might not be able to afford a expensive present and then she might feel bad!
  • A rose wit champagne and a framed pic of 2 of ye
  • Give her/ him ur credit card so Dey can get demselves Wateva Dey want Aoife
  • I would make her dinner, more romantic and cheaper, then ya have more to spend on a nice present. For a present, ye are only going out a few weeks, i would show her how much you know her and get her her favorite bands album:-) or desperate housewives box set is a winner with 9 out of ten girls, but best of luck anyway man. From lia
  • What bout da i-touch its ?219.99…ul stil av change left ova….haha
  • Whats his girlfrends name? Paris hilton? Dersa resession on ya know…????

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