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Choosing your college courses? Click HERE for some info you might find useful faoi turasóireacht

Also here are some tips from Griffith College..

Top Tips for Filling Out the 2009 CAO Form

1. Research your course choices thoroughly in advance of filling the form out. Sites like Qualifax and CAO are very useful.
2. Always select your courses choices in order of preference. Fill in the course you would most like to attend first then follow this with your second preference and so on. Don’t try to second guess what the points will be in August.
3. Applying on-line should be considered if at all possible. It is very beneficial as it does not allow applicants to make mistakes by entering a course code that does not exist. Almost all CAO applicants will apply on-line for entry 2009.
4. Give yourself plenty of time, aim to have the form filled out and submitted in advance of February 1st, that way if anything goes wrong, like a computer crashing, you still have lots of time to submit the form.
5. Fill in all 20 spaces provided for the ten Level 8 choices and the ten Level 6 and 7 choices. Give yourself as much choice as possible.
6. Don’t forget the “Change of Mind” facility that is available after May 1st until July 1st, this will give you extra time to further research courses and make any necessary changes.
‘For many parents and student the CAO form can be a daunting task,’ commented Mairéad Murphy, Griffith College Schools’ Liaison Officer. ‘We are urging people to follow these tips and not to panic. For any students with queries on Griffith College requirements they should contact us, no matter how big or small the question is.’
Griffith College has set up a dedicated after hours helpline for those with any queries relating to the College’s entry requirements. The helpline is manned by admissions personnel from 9am until 9pm every day until February 1st and queries can also be submitted by e-mail until this time. The helpline number is 01 415 0412 or the e-mail address to contact is .

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