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Snow Patrol Vs Leona Lewis

Which version of Run do you prefer.. Less Leona Lewis on Ar Éileamh?

Snow Patrol – Run

Leona Lewis – Run(on Top of the Pops)

Text Poll on Ar Éileamh resulted in 81% for Snow Patrol and 19% for Leona.

Snow Patrol wins!

A few of your texts ar son:
Nior chuala me snow patrol’s run roimh anocht. Ta se i bhfad nior fearr. Is aoibhin liom an clar is an sli ata an gaeilge usaidte! Eilis
Snow patrol s def def def better. Even tho i luv leona, she ruined this song. Its ment 2 b sang calmly-like snow patrol do….leonas voice jst dusnt suitnt notice untill dis coffee tastes a bit soupy! Ha ha wit milk n sugar! Helen from westport
Come on now, you cannot beat snowpatrol’s run, its just genius! Leona makes a fair attempt but its nothing in comparison. The way he says here, mm so dreamy!
I think the original is da best but theres no denyin leona has one of the best voices ever..and im not even exageratin!


One Comment

  1. Snow Patrol – everytime!!

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