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If you are a teacher, STOP right now! You will not use these titles to punish your students with… If you haven’t already!

Texts into show from Ar Éileamh Elite:

  • We ad 2 rite bou da skol caretaker in irish..?!
  • 2000 words on inside of a table tennis ball from mike
  • Let dem nt b complainin bou essays on golf! We used 2 gt punishmnt essays on da inside of a golfball nd da hairs on a chickens lip. Steve
  • Worst esay title. . . .”new year new beginings”. . . In IRISH!!!roschicky!!
  • I had 2 write an essay on the inside of a tennis ball as punishment when i was 12
  • Worse essay title i ever had was ‘life as a blade of grass’ i wouldn’t mind but it had to be 4 pages long!……
  • As a punishment in school i had to write an essy on tennis balls! 2 pages long!! Morgan, knocknacarra.
  • The life of the inside of ping pall ball! Wost essay ever!!;-( mark
  • Had to write a 500 word essay on chest hair as a punishment for not knowin quotes sinead galway
  • 6 pages on da inside of a golf ball!!I no! Evil man
  • Da wrst essay i eva had 2 write was da functions of a keyboard
  • I had to write a 3a4 page essay on a bobble hat,sìobhan in ros
  • I once had to wright a 3page essay on radiators as a punishment at school b4..gary castlebar
  • 2page essay on toe nail clippings!
  • I had to rite an essay about GRASS!!!
  • I once hadta write an essay on my life as a light bulb…2000 words…:-O From Vinny
  • Bhí orm scriobh aiste faoi taobh isteagh de laithroid galf! ó Éanna
  • Someone i once knew had to write an essay about a day in the life of an egg!
  • We had 2 write about the life of a gold fish plz play chris brown new poi take u down x x x x
  • 1000 words on “The sex life of a door knob!”my geography teacher rock,kev in lk

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