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YEAH you did! Very bold… Have to say though, some of you were very creative in doing so.. In fact, put that energy into something you ARE interested in and you’ll be the best of the best!

Go raibh míle for sharing your experiences!

  • I got kicked out of all free class’s for th rest of the year because i got reported in 2 many free class’s..and last year i got sent home for loosin my jumper..paul
  • I kicked out of skul 4 going up n the attic in da skul
  • A teacher hit me before i hit him bak then we shook hands x
  • I got kicked out of school for a week for throwing frogs at my teacher. Dermot from derry
  • I got kicked out of a class for coughing. I gle la chest infection and he thought i was only putting it on
  • I got kicked out of school for 3months for getting my lip pierced they took me back after 2months because they never seen someone so eger to go to school
  • My frnd got kicked out cause she was staring at da teacher, an the teacher zd ur ment 2 b studing an she said i am, wat said the teachr,wildlife said my friend
  • I got expelled 4 putting a full tub of baking powder n2 my friends bun mixture,dey xploded al over d oven an i refused 2 clean bac after an offical 26 now an hav def learned 4m my mistake 2 use rite measurments wen baking! Jill ,galway
  • I got kicked out of school 4 having a sexual relationship with a young female teacher she got sack but it ok were still t loved up 2 years later …. John and clare
  • Dia duit! I got kicked out of schook bcuz i told a young female teåher that she waz hot! Please play blur country house;-)
  • My friend got kicked out 4 chasin some 1st years wit a can of lynx and a lighter! It waz a class day at school! Claire dublin!x
  • I was kicked out of school 4 life in claremoris 4 making a poster of principals face and puting it on a naked old mans body and a caption saying cum 2 my ofice young boys. I blew it up 2 a3 size ara was worth it now i look back i only had 2 move 2 bala skool which is mixd so was wel worth it
  • I got kicked out 4 its a leopluradon charlie!
  • We set off petrol bombs and pulld dwn trees at our school and dnt even get detention! Please play nythng from muse! Cheeres unanimus
  • Got kicked out irish for good da day and i need it for my leaving cert. Got kicked out for no reason too. Ciaran in Donegal
  • I was suspended for putting vasaline on my teachers chair. I came back a week latern to set off the fire alarm and get suspended for another week.
  • i got kick out of skool 4 smoken in the toilets!lol!it was only 4 a day!haha
  • I got kicked out of school for trowing a chair at my teacher . please play infinity ye never read out my messages . please infinity please please please . Aidan in ros
  • You have to get in a fight and drop your pants to a teacher to get expelled:-D
  • My friend got kicked out of english cause he said shit 2 the teacher and he is never allowed back in it was so funny…dean in renvyle…

One Comment

  1. How to get back in once you’ve been kicked out?

    Have you managed it?

    Tell us about it más mian leat

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