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  • Last year my sister gave me a pair of slippers for christmas! to top it all she had gotten them free after a trip to the spa! ta bronntanas iontach agam di le haigh an nollaig seo.. Hehe
  • The worst xmas present i got was 4rm my mother, she let us open 1 present on xmas eve, i of course picked the big one which was a turnip in a massive box! I was so upset!!!
  • My brother gave me my worst present ever. It was 2 cans of deodorant and even worse than that. They were two for one and he left the stickers on them. Tony
  • My mum gave me towels. That she nicked from a hotel we were stayin in the week b4. How CHEAP IS THAT! an she was my mum. IF UR LISTENIN I’M VERY ANNOYED MUM I WANT A BETTER PRESENT THIS YEAR!!
  • Worst present waz a feckin orange in my stocking if i wanted an orange i woulda gone to the pile of orangez we had in the kitchen..,frm grayce
  • I got the wrost present from my uncle last year tampons and condoms michelle
  • Babs… My ex gave me a signed copy of michael d higgins’s autobiography. Clearly she doesn’t know males in their early twenties.
  • I got a grave stone from my uncle he though it was a good investment from sean
  • Two years ago my parents gave me a box of biscuits as my big present,it was sealed and everything,i was so disappointed i couldnt even pretend to like it….turns out there was an i pod in it…DELIGHTED

Take Note loved ones….

  • Hi david here tell julie from galway i want sumting big dis year and worth more then 5 euro
  • Hey jasmin ere can you tell ma mam to let me get a puppy 4 xmas x thanks

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