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  • Man im screwed.i really cant get motivated!i know im gona do terrible if i keep going this way!i just cant do it!HELP
  • Hi ya im doin the leavin and i feel like im screwed i just wanna quite now its gettin more harder and so much work is is worth it? Av
  • Leavn cert is absolutly horible, didnt do anytin n 5th year nd im getn swampd nw, get realy stresd nd depresd sum tyms bt cant seem ta motivate maself ta get my head dwn, mountain ov wurk ta get thru nw its sick!!!
  • I feel the exact same bout the leavin cert but its got to be done ya know and its goin to be over soon..but what if i have to repeat? And its so hard and scary x
  • Ya i completely agree with that texter, the leavin cert is drivin me insane and i think its so unfair we’re made do stupid subjects that we hate and will never use again…ever ! At the same time, college next year so the thought of that should keep ya goin…only thing gettin me thru it anyways ! Sinead x
  • The leaving cert this year is so pressurising. The first day in school the teachers told us this is the most important year of your life, they really don’t help the stress. Just want it to be over now because there is so much stuff to study and too many projects, stress levels are as high as they have ever been
  • Hey! Im doin da leavn cert aswel and i feel lik crap but guess wat?! Wer nearly free!
  • Yeah. Leavin cert is awful. But you need it to keep all your options open. Just keep at and try your best and just realise that it’ll be worth it!
  • Yes im doin the leaving cert and i hate it but listen u have spent the past 11years in school..what a waste it would be to give up now! And it will be worth it when u put the final full stop on ur last paper! Bec x x x x
  • Tell that person not 2 worry bout da leaving cert!! Da hardest part is startin it & after xmas it is going 2 fly!!
  • Trust me i’ve done it last year & i’m repeating it this year!!!.. Its actually not that bad!!! U WILL GET TRU IT!!! noel,
  • Hey there! I’m doin the owl Ardteist this year and i think It’s the best craic ever! You only do it once and It’s the last year you have with your friends so enjoy it while it lasts! The only negative thing is the huge mountain of pressure from my mother! But hey! Ciara
  • L.C.’s a load of rubbish doin it dis year dnt gt stressed Jst do ure wrk+ ul b fine! Oh+ keep ure life dnt live at ure desk 4 d nxt few months! We wer told 2day weve xmas tests n 4 weeks wot a loada *bleep*xx
  • I want to quit to leavin cert to,all of my friends are in college im the only one left in school, i feel like a massive loner!!orla
  • Hi guys. . .just wanna say,im doing my leaving cert this year an so far its bin the best year ever. . .just look forward to all the mad weekends. . An the session your gonna have after. 🙂 can ya please play corona’s hero’s are ghosts,for all the kylemore girls who have there Debs this thursday. . .its only 2days guys. . . 🙂 ha,ha. . Loving the show. . . :)x.x.x.
  • Leavn cert is absolutly horible, didnt do anytin n 5th year nd im getn swampd nw, get realy stresd nd depresd sum tyms bt cant seem ta motivate maself ta get my head dwn, mountain ov wurk ta get thru nw its sick!!!
  • Aww leavn cert horror, still fresh in my memory but i can assure u it feels like a heavy load lifted afterwards and u’ll be glad u did it especially if u do well and d year runs out fast so just hang in there, u’ll be fine. Yemi
  • Ello i totally no wat she means! Im nly n junior cert nd im struggling!…
  • Hey i radio, doin the leaving cert this year. At one stage i did tink bout leaving skul but then i thought i mite as wel jus do it n get it over with. Most of my friends are in college now n they love it so its only one more yr n then i’m out so its worth doing n gettin it over wit then quittin after spendin 4yrs in skul already:-)
  • I did my leavn last year nd i felt d exact same way…was on d verge a jackn it in…bu i stuck wit it and it was worth it n d end..


  1. I hate school, i hate the system we have here, i hate the leaving cert, i hated the junior cert.
    Iv hated school since first class primary school when you stop getting the 10 minutes playtime before starting work… thats traumatic for a 6 year old!
    Im 19 now doing the leaving cert and some teachers are still spitting on us, just because they can.
    Education should be about learning the skills that allow you to learn and educate yourself, not about being forced to stuff all this bullshit in your brain, even interesting things like irish history are transformed into objects of hate when your history teachers shouting in your face for not doing his useless fucking homework.
    Im close to snapping, and if i do i’ll probably go to athlone or dublin or wherever the board of education is situated and ill destroy their building in blinding rage with a hurley and paint and ill spit in their face for revenge. Arresting me will do me no more harm than the 14 years of school i’v had to suffer.
    I feel sorry watching them little kids going to primary school, the poor things are in for hell unless they’re the rare ones that like school or are genius’.

  2. Good news for ya oisin…. You’ve been through the worst of it. Once the leaving cert is over you’ll back and go… YES!!!!!! and it gets so much better from there. trust me.

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