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Well tonight on the show, I started my superhero costume (Thanks to Ferg and Pete wrapping my bday pressie in a black refuge bag…thanks guys!)

And with your help, I am to complete my outfit and have a name for myself

Seo cuid of your suggestions:

Sar Cailin/cailin ar fheabhas!.or howeva u say super girl as gaelige!..
– stephanie!xloveee!x
Super dooper fantastic women.
Super woman Kiwinickery…!
Ya should b called ar aibh libh gal – (not a big scholar in irish class!)
I think your super hero name should be super stupid lol
It shud definetly be Turfwoman! Cause of da bag!
– Leo in castlebar.
Ar eallamh eads . . yea!
– Aoife x
Super sack ……. cos of the bin bag ha
Caterpilar woman! name eva!
– 4m louise X
You should be a penguin! :-)x
Hey ur superhero name shud be bi lingual gurl…
– 4rm ang n swinford..xox
ceard faoin sionnach ninja?
– Cathal in Westport.
your superhero name shud b the ar alabh ninja!
– Enda galway!

more suggestions welcome 🙂


One Comment

  1. Liam from Athenry suggests:

    Why not call urself The Ar Éileamh Elite

    Deirdre Suggests:

    I think each show on I 102-104 should make costumes nd put them on the internet 2 b judged in a comp

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