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Well you have many Riddles! Here are just some of the ones that you text in tonight:

1.What goes over the water,under the water but never touches the water?

2. What can you put in an empty bucket to make it lighter?

3. What goes up but never comes down?

4. What breaks if u throw it into water but dosent when u throw it off the top of a building?

5. Whats greater then god, more evil then the devil. The rich man wants it, the poor man has it and if you eat it you’ll die?
– Joanna and stephen

6.An fear a rinne e, nior bhain se usaid as, ach a fear a bhain usaid as, ni bhfaca se e? Cad e?

7. What is full when it is empty . And empty wen it is full?

8. Wat begins wit an e and ends wit an e but only contains 1 letter.
– conor

9. A vicer his sister a docter and his wife they all go 2 dinner theres only 3 chairs but they all sit

10.If a plane crashed between galway and mayo where would ya burey the survivers?

11. Wat’s black and white, but read all over?

12. Twenty sheep went out a gap,twenty more went after that,a farmer and his dog went after that,how many feet was that!?

Have you got the anwers?

More to come. Fág comment.



  1. Okay I’m trying to answer them all so far!

    Here’s my attempt:
    1) Egg in a ducks arse
    2)A hole in da bucket
    3)Your age
    4)Toilet Paper.
    8.) Envelope.
    9)The Sister & Wife are the same person?
    11) A newspaper

  2. Okay……..

    1)I dunno
    2)A torch
    5)I used to know this one but I forget it!
    6)Cheapaim cónra freisin
    7)I dunno
    9)His wife or sister is a doctor?
    10)You don’t bury survivors!
    12)I dunno

  3. I’m back lol!
    12)Two.Sheep and dogs don’t have feet!

  4. wahey maith bhean Emma! Think we’re right?

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