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Well I was asked tonight on the show to try and find out what song Emmerdale ended on (before the theme tune! 😉 ) and the result is…. All Angels – Songbird

If I’m wrong please let me know as I didn’t see it myself. Just trusting you intelligent people.

All Angels – Songbird

It looks like I was wrong on this one
<- please check comments

Go raibh míle!



  1. hey thanx for that, the repeat is on at twelve today i think i’ll find out what the song is!! Songbird by Eva Cassidy i think was played at the start of the episode!!

    thnk you anyway!!
    love the show by d way!!

  2. I think you will find the song is called “Singing It Through” and it is by Heather Nova, correct me if Im wrong

  3. Sorry its called Singing You Through ( not it)

  4. checked up and listened to that song and its not called songbird so please send me the right song and artist.

  5. Okay I definitely got that one wrong then!! Thanks a million for comment. Is this it?

  6. hey, the song is definitly not songbird, and the link for you tube isn’t right either. What’s the song, can anyone find it, it’s so good

  7. song called singing me through by all angels

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